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Praise for A Tight Lie:

A promising debut whose hero, tough and literate as Spenser and cool as Freddie Couples, will appeal to golfers and hard-boiled fans alike.  --Kirkus Reviews

Many will enjoy the company of the garrulous Huck with his passion for golf and eye for the telling social or cultural detail. --Publishers Weekly


A Tight Lie is a can't-put-it-down thriller filled with many twists and turns. The game of golf has its own set of highs and lows -- but never like this! Wow -- get ready for the wildest ride of your life!  -- Jim Nantz, CBS Sports 


Golf, guns, booze, and scantily dressed women will keep you rapidly turning the pages of this exciting novel.


Whether he's trying to shave a few strokes off his golf game in order to keep his PGA tour card or he's being chased by Wiseguys while trying to prove the innocence of his pro baseball player, friend, Joniel Baker, PGA Tour Pro and Private Investigator, Huck Doyle is an enjoyable character.


His actions and thoughts range from rough around the edges to witty and refined. Will he solve the crime, get the girl, and keep his tour card? Of course I can't tell you that, but I can tell you to hold on and enjoy the ride as you bounce from a wild, four-wheeling chase up a winding mountain trail to the pristine fairways and greens of Bel-Air country club.


From the sophisticated company of the elite PGA tour to the bawdy, drunken ambiance of an L.A strip club. Whether he's firing from the 18th tee at Pebble Beach or from his Sig Sauer, I look forward to the next tale of Huck Doyle.

Don Dahler has scored an Ace in this excellent debut novel. -- Michael Balkind, author of Sudden Death

It's an exciting read! An absolute thriller! Once I started reading it, I could not and did not put it down! --Bill Evans, author of Category 7


A terrific hardboiled LA story - with a bonus peek into the world of pro sports. --Lee Child, the New York Times bestselling author of Nothing to Lose

Murder mysteries and golf have long been a literary twosome, and the genre's newest entrant is Don Dahler, a former network news correspondent and now an anchor for WCBS-TV in New York City. His engaging debut novel, A Tight Lie (Minotaur Books, $24.95), introduces us to Huck Doyle — a fledgling PGA Tour pro who also happens to be an L.A.-area private detective. The action, which moves as briskly as the beverage cart on a July day, careers from mansions to freeways to strip clubs.  But there's also plenty of time on the links. -- Dick Friedman, Senior Editor at Sports Illustrated


I hate golf. In fact, it puts me to sleep. But A Tight Lie isn’t some mystery about golf. It’s a sharp, funny, well-crafted thriller about a private investigator who just happens to make pretty good with the sticks. In LA talk: Think Chinatown meets Tin Cup. Dahler had me hooked with his in depth meditations on sports psychology, Pamela Anderson’s breasts, and fine Scotch. Pour yourself a single malt, kick back, and enjoy this notable debut. -- Ace Atkins, author of White Shadow and Wicked City. 


The Doyle family makes this a fine sports mystery as the Huckster narrates the whodunit with a string of enthusiastic birdies about golf, murder and the collapse of society. His two relatives are total opposites when it comes to investigations; dad the ex LAPD cop says the end is all that matters while the brother the ex FBI agent insists the means is just as important. Although the inquiry is conveniently helped, sub-genre fans especially golfers will enjoy Don Dahler’s delightful debut as Huck beats par for the course.  -- Harriet Klausner, Genre Go Round Reviews

A Tight Lie by former national television news correspondent Don Dahler (Minotaur, $24.95) is a gripping, gritty debut set mostly in Los Angeles.  

It introduces Huck Doyle, a multi-talented professional golfer who's a licensed private investigator and non-practicing attorney.

Superstar baseball player Joniel Baker, a friend of Doyle, has been accused of murdering two pretty young women; significant evidence leads to his arrest. He contacts Doyle for help, who finds the case intriguing and has his own personal reasons for solving it.

This hard-boiled thriller has a great cast of memorable characters, including assorted strippers, a disgraced cop, a quadriplegic FBI agent, a gorgeous medical examiner, a pair of tough thugs and a shifty sports promoter. -- Ray Walsh, Lansing State Journal

A Tight Lie is a well-written enjoyable book whether or not you are a golfer. It is filled with humor and a compassionate way of looking at the world and the people in it. -- Alex McGilvery, Armchair Interviews


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