Don Dahler
Author, Journalist
A Tight Lie

Huck Doyle is a professional golfer, a PGA "middler" who just manages to hold onto his tour card as he plays the smaller tournaments on the circuit. He also happens to be the son of a disgraced LAPD cop, a law school grad without a license to practice, and a registered private investigator. When Joniel Baker, a high profile baseball player, claims that he's been wrongly accused of murdering his beautiful girlfriend, he asks his friend Huck to get involved, to fly under the radar and find out things that the police can't—or won't.


Although everything about Joniel and his whereabouts on the night of the murder points to his guilt, Huck decides to take on the case "because he finds murder investigations a nice distraction from the violent and depressing world of the PGA."


But as Huck digs deeper it becomes apparent he not only holds Joniel Baker’s freedom in his hands; his own life and the lives of those he cares about most depend on how well he makes his next play.


With a healthy dose of black humor, A Tight Lie takes the reader on a roller coaster ride through the world of professional golf, the strip-club scene in LA, and high stakes sports agenting—and everyone has their secrets and dirty deals to hide.


With the speed of Tiger Wood's swing, Don Dahler has joined the ranks of Tim Green and Mike Lupica in writing riveting mysteries with a dash of sports.  Perfect for thriller readers and golf fans, A Tight Lie marks the debut of a striking new voice in crime fiction.  


Representation by Claudia Cross, Foliolit.



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